This is your coffee mug. Make someone smile with funny, cute and cool small dog artwork!

Do you love your funny little Chihuahua?

This cool Chihuahua says: Me not small – mug is too big. Best gift idea for small dog lover! Perfect for them to use in the office and show pride of his pet. Pick the perfect gift for both men and women with a little sense of humor.

Looking for a gift for your friend who is a dog lover? She will appreciate the effort you made to find this novelty. This is one of the best coffee cup for dog people.  New collection of mugs for dog lovers. A mug with a funny hand drawn cartoon picture of different dog breeds.

Artist sells, one and only original DogiStyle / Karikatyyrilahja quality – not poor quality ripped images. If you love dogs you absolutely love this! DogiStyle serie is made for dog owners and it includes many different dog breed cartoons. Chihuahua dog gifts.

Get yours here:

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