Don´t make hot dogs in your car!

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This funny picture shows that what if things had been the other way around – a dog would leave a man in hot glass booth.

Dont leave your dog in hot car mug

Each year, dogs suffer and die when their guards make the mistake of leaving them in a parked car – even for “one minute” – as they make a court order. Parked cars are deadly traps for dogs: On a 78-degree day, the temperature can be in a car parked within minutes between 100 and 120 degrees of ascent, and on a 90-degree day, the temperature can reach up to To 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes

Animals can sustain brain damage or even die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes. Beating the heat is extra tough for dogs because they can only cool themselves by panting and by sweating through their paw pads.

Even you leave your car in the shade with the windows slightly open, it is still very dangerous to leave your pet in the car; While the sun moves during the day and the temperature can increase rapidly. The heat (even with light clouds in the sky) can quickly turn your car into an oven and can result in your animals heat stroke or even death. Another area to consider is not to leave your dog in greenhouses or other small buildings with many glass windows and without ventilation. Please make sure to be very careful when dogs are prone to overheating. This includes overweight dogs, more pulmonary heart disease or being removed from the respiratory system. Works with a crushed nose, the shape of the head like bulldog buttons, Shih Tzu and should also be done for the same reason coldly.

If you see a dog alone in a hot car, take the color of the car, model and registration number. Have the owner paged in the nearest buildings or the police. Someone consult the dog. Only leave the area when the situation is resolved​.

But what if the situation turned upside down – a man would stay in a small glass cup in the sunshine and the dog would cheer for that time in the store.

You can buy a fun mug and spread the word. Mug price is now a ridiculously cheap, only $ 10.00. You can buy it here:

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